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Short-term Marketing Strategy for 2016/17 Student Recruitment

Following the request from Council to see swift and decisive action to increase the number of applicants to the UK podiatry degree programmes, a marketing working group was convened. It has been agreed by both that group & the attendees of the recent emergency degree funding meeting, that a lack of awareness and understanding of podiatry amongst the general public and fellow health professionals, is the root cause. What has also been agreed is that whilst the current work of the Society marketing department, PR committee and the Admission Tutors Forum are all having a positive impact in various areas, a more coordinated and targeted approach is required to have the impact that is needed to turn the current situation around.

To this end it has been proposed that a detailed long term marketing strategy be drawn up to address these issues, but that an additional short term strategy is developed to create immediate support for the recruitment of the 2016 and 2017 student intake.

The recent proposed withdrawal of funding for most of the UK degree programmes has heightened the need for this work to be done.

To this end what follows is the proposed short term marketing strategy, aimed at raising awareness of the shortfall of podiatry applicants and the benefits on offer from a podiatry career, in order to stimulate an increase in applicant numbers.

Whilst this is described as a stand-alone project for this year, it is proposed that this campaign be reviewed and rolled out on an on-going basis as part of the long term strategy, which is being developed and documented separately.

The following supporting documents are for the Schools of Podiatry and champions taking part in the short term Student Recruitment Project.