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What is Podiatry?

What is Podiatry?

Educational and promotional video explaining the impact that podiatrists can make on foot health. 

What is Podiatry? - How can we best get this message out there

The College of Podiatry is working hard to promote your profession to the public.

In the first instance the aim is to help people understand what a podiatrist is and then highlight the vast scope of practice that podiatrists provide to the public.

We want ‘Podiatry’ to be the first thing you think about when you have a foot problem as you do a dentist when your have toothache.

To this end, we are putting together a series of educational and promotional videos about podiatry for the website and social media.

The first video is a birds-eye view of podiatry, with a taster of the many aspects of podiatric practice. The video touches on sports and MSK, acupuncture, injection therapy, diagnostic ultrasound, the diabetic foot check, routine podiatry assessment, casting techniques, taping, exercises regimes, homeopathy, dermatology, forensics and education. The video also introduces the podiatrist, who they are and a little about the training required.

This has been filmed and will be the first to be rolled out. It was showcased at Conference in Bournemouth and made available online to all members.  Over the following six months, we then plan to film a further series of videos highlighting a number of areas in podiatry.

The first of these will be on musculoskeletal podiatry, and cover gait analysis, assessment, evaluation, preparation of care plans and podopaediatrics. This will be followed by videos on:

  • Nail Surgery, assessment and treatment
  • Forensics
  • Podiatric surgery
  • The high risk foot
  • Footwear assessment, modification and detailed orthotic casting
  • Dermatology

The aim is to provide members with a visual resource that can be used as part of local, regional and national promotion of podiatry as well as a means of demonstrating to patients what ‘we do’.

Another project that the College of Podiatry is working on is promoting podiatry as a career to encourage people into the profession. Therefore, a further video will be all about education. It will cover the podiatry degree – accessing the course, course content, lectures, clinics, placements, and universities. Additionally demonstrating our research, audit and evidence based approach to practice will be included.

We plan to follow this up with a ‘fly on the wall’ documentary on the life of podiatry students – so watch this space.

All in all – The College aims to deliver on its goal to promote podiatry to the public and educate all on the importance of foot health.

We will keep you updated on our progress with these projects.

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