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Podiatry Business Webinar

Podiatry Business Webinar

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in Partnership with Podiatry Hive bring our Private Practitioners Podiatry Business Webinar.

10:00am GMT
2 February 2017

How to Systemise Your Podiatry Practice.  

Most Podiatry business owners know “WHY” it is important to have systems to manage the practice. Where they get stuck, is “HOW” to systemise.

During this live webinar training, you’ll discover:


  • a 5 Step Business Systemisation plan
  • a powerful web based application specifically designed for process management, and 
  • a library of process names that you can put to use in your business immediately.  


To register go to: www.podiatryhive.com/webinar

It’s an unfortunate fact that many Podiatry practices are virtually worthless. The owner works, the business does not.

In fact, the biggest consideration affecting the valuation of a practice is whether it would work without the principle Podiatrist.

This can only happen in a well systemised business.

Podiatry business owners and Practice Managers should attend this webinar if they:


  • want more consistent, predictable and reliable results in lead generation, sales, cash flow and patient management 
  • want improved performance from team members - finding and keeping extraordinary employees 
  • are looking to shorten the learning curve and training time for new employees 
  • want to streamline development of operations manuals 


The live training is being presented by Jon Heath, CEO of The Podiatry Hive, and Michael Mills, Managing Partner at Business Design Corporation. You can register for the session 10:00am Thursday 2 February.

To register go to: www.podiatryhive.com/webinar

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