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Organisational Development Programme Update

Organisational Development Programme Update


In April 2016 Council embarked on an Organisational Development Programme to take the organisation to the next stage of its development. This drive for improvement by Council was the result of your feedback, which included the membership survey last year, and a recognition for a renewed focus for the organisation to raise the profile of podiatry, increase the organisation’s influence and impact and to develop podiatrists as leaders in public health.

The challenges and opportunities facing us as a profession have never been greater, and Council are determined that we make the relevant changes to ensure we are best placed to face these. This initiative will modernise the organisation and improve the support we provide to you as members, whatever sector you work in, to enable you to deliver the best possible services to your patients.

A Strategic Review, to develop our new five-year Strategic Plan is currently underway, with a view to launching it at our Conference in Liverpool in November.

Council agreed at its Strategic Away Day that our Ten Year Vision is still relevant:

Podiatry will be recognised by the public, by fellow healthcare professionals, by policy makers and commissioners of healthcare as being synonymous with foot health.

Podiatrists will be at the forefront of innovative practice and high quality, cost effective care in the UK, meeting clear and continuing need in the population.

The new plan will focus on three key strategic aims:

  • Raising the profile of podiatry
  • Increasing our influence externally 
  • Developing our leadership role in public health


The key themes of the new strategy will be:

  • Developing our support for members, both as a trade union and through business development; and develop more commercial activities that will generate funds that we will plough back into services for members.
  • Providing clinical leadership in podiatry, including in the areas of clinical practice, research into practice; and education, training and development.
  • Promoting the role of podiatry in public health, both in terms of foot health and wider public health. The next stage is to develop strategies around our three main areas of work.


This work is ongoing and you will hear more about it in the coming months.

The second part of the Organisational Development Programme will be to carry out a full Governance Review. This is planned to start in spring 2017 and we will ensure we have the right structure, oversight and monitoring in place, while growing the expertise and leadership of Council, and that our committee structure supports this.

This will be a major work-stream and you will be informed more fully as it progresses.

Following on from Council’s decision in April 2016 to embark on an Organisational Development Programme, and from the initial work done so far on the Strategic Review, it became increasingly clear that the senior management team roles and titles were not the right ones to deliver the organisation’s aspirations going forward. 

Working with staff and following Council’s approval, the Interim Chief Executive started work on the Resources Review, designed to improve the way our services are delivered and to better support you as members.

The decision to undertake the review in two parts was approved by Council. The first part (Phase One) is currently underway. This has included a restructuring of the senior management team, reducing the size of the team from five Directors reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, to four. 

The post of Director or Education has been replaced by a more clinical focused post of Clinical Director. This post has been appointed. This new role incorporates the previous Director of Education responsibilities whilst expanding and developing the role further. The roles of Director of Communications and Director of Marketing has been replaced by a Director of External Affairs. This post has been appointed. The Director of Employment Relations and Business Services is being replaced by a Director of Operations. Recruitment to this role is currently taking place. 

Recruitment of a permanent Finance and Corporate Services Director and a permanent Chief Executive Officer has been finalised and these posts have been appointed. 

Details for ‘Phase Two’ have not yet been agreed. This will take place once the new Senior Management team is in place and will build on Phase One, ensuring that the Secretariat is best placed to deliver the services for you.

The proposed changes include developing an Operations Directorate that will modernise and invigorate all our membership services. This will include reviewing and developing:

  • Trade Union services;
  • Business Development and Business Support services;
  • Services for students;
  • International activity;
  • Commercial and entrepreneurial activity;
  • Clinical Leadership roles.


We also plan to change our approach to our external affairs activity in ways that we are confident will enable us to have more impact. This will involve bringing together our public affairs and political influencing (for all the nations of the UK), our marketing activity and our external and internal communications activity, thereby creating a more integrated approach to all external affairs and information provision services.

Council is confident that these changes will ensure we have an organisation that provides both value for money and excellent services for members. This is an exciting period in the history of our organisation and we, on behalf of Council, hope that over the next few months you will start to see the benefits of the changes we are putting in place, both for yourselves and for our patients.

Ms Debbie Delves, Chairman of Council

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