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Practice Accreditation

Practice Accreditation

The Society has devised a scheme for member benefit and public protection.

 It is a voluntary scheme, available to all members. Many private practices and some NHS trusts are accredited practices with The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist.

We provide guidelines for members on standards for Decontamination, Infection Control, Clinical Environment, Safe Working Practice, Health and Safety in the work place, Record keeping, and Consent and Confidentiality etc. We provide Educational, Employment, Professional advice to all members in which ever area of podiatry they are working

The Practice Accreditation Scheme is an educational and developmental tool aimed so that the clinical process and patient environment is functioning to the highest standards. To find your nearest Accredited practice please look for the A which denotes an accredited practice on the search for a podiatrist site.

Check our "Find a podiatrist" search.

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