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Podiatrists' exemptions list

Podiatrists medicines exemption list

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Currently, podiatrists who possess the relevant annotations on the Health and Care Professions Council register have rights to the sale and supply and/or administration of various prescription only medicines and pharmacy only medicines, alongside rights to the sale or supply of general sales list medicines.  The lists are presently unavailable on the website of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agencyduring its transition to the www.gov.uk website address.

The lists are also outlined below.  Please note that there are 2 lists (“Sale/Supply” and “Administration”) covering three categories of medicine (prescription only medicines, pharmacy medicines and general sale list medicines).

Podiatrists with the “prescription only medicines” annotation on the HCPC register may sell or supply the listed POM medicines.  

Podiatrists with the “local anaesthetics” annotation on the HCPC register may administer the listed POM medicines. 

Podiatrists that do not have any annotation on the HCPC register may sell or supply the listed P (pharmacy only) medicines. 

Every podiatrist on the HCPC register may sell or supply GSL medicines.

Rights to the sale, supply and/or administration of medicines from these lists do not apply to supplementary or independent prescribing.

Supplementary and independent prescribers have entirely separate rights to prescribe medicines.

Download: Podiatrists' Exemption List
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