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Feet for Life 2017: From Birth to Beyond

Feet For Life Month - June 2017


The theme for Feet for Life month 2017 is ‘Feet for Life - from birth to beyond’. 

The idea behind this year’s theme is to highlight to the general public the importance of caring for their feet and key foot health issues to be aware of at all life stages – highlighting the podiatrist as the expert in keeping feet healthy and pain free.

A media pack will go out to all national and local media, including newspapers, magazines and online media outlines. This pack will contain press releases that focus on different life stages, highlighting the key foot health issues to be aware of at each stage of life. These will be:

  1. A press release focused at parents of babies and children. This covers the importance of well-fitting and appropriate socks and shoes to ensure that growing little feet are kept healthy and gives advice on how to choose appropriate footwear for young children. It also provides information about key foot health issues affecting children and teenagers, such as athlete’s foot and sweaty feet.
  2. A press release focusing on the 18-40 age group. This will focus on everyday footwear, including how to find the perfect heel height, choosing summer shoes and tips to find the right sports shoe. It also includes information on common foot ailments such as bunions and fungal infections.  
  3. A press release aimed at the over 55 age group. This looks at foot problems that are more common as people age, including those linked with other debilitating conditions such as diabetes and arthritis and general circulatory problems. It also gives advice on general foot care, and choosing appropriate footwear, and there is a recommendation for people to have their feet checked.


All the press releases advise people to see a podiatrist if they suffer from foot pain or if they have any problems with their feet, highlighting the podiatrist as the expert in foot health. The advice also includes telling people to ensure that they visit an HCPC registered podiatrist.

How members can take part

Many members take part in Feet for Life month each year, holding events around the country. This year we would encourage as many members as possible to take part – this is an opportunity for you to publicise your own practice to potential new clients, and to promote podiatry and how podiatrists are the experts in foot health to the public.


To support members holding events we will have a Feet for Life pack that contains:

  • Postcards on a variety of themes
  • Poster
  • Stickers


More information will be available shortly. To register your interest for a pack, please contact Tina Davies at td@scpod.org

In addition, support will be given to members giving free foot health checks in the form of supplying banners for their event (on a first come first serve basis), and, where possible, promote media coverage of their event. 

Organising an event

The first thing to do is find a venue. Popular venues include shopping centres, gyms and health clubs. Another idea is to approach local supermarkets as they are usually happy to support events that encourage public health. They will usually be free.

Plan what you want to achieve from the event, for example, gaining new clients, raising your profile in your local area, raising awareness of podiatry etc. 

Decide what you want to do at the event to achieve your aims. Do you want to offer free foot checks or just give verbal advice? If you are giving foot checks, then you will need an area where people can sit down. 

Finally, have a range of leaflets and postcards on a variety of foot related conditions, stickers, business cards, and information about your practice will attract people and give them information to go away with.

Using the media to promote podiatry

There will also be a downloadable template press release available on the website, which has been designed as a PR tool for generating interest and securing regional coverage for you and the College of Podiatry during Feet for Life month.  

There are spaces in the press release for you to complete your own details before approaching your local newspaper or radio station. Once the press release is complete, you can send this via email or post to the News Desk of your local media. The contact details for this should be available in your local telephone directory, online or from your local library. 

When you have sent the release to the News Desk, it’s always worth following up with a phone call to see if they’ve received it and to find out if it was of interest. This gives you a further opportunity to talk about the story. If they do express an interest they may like to interview you, either for a radio piece or story in the newspaper.

Contact us

If you are running an event for Feet for Life Month and would like materials, one of our banners, or to see if we can obtain an interview and/or local media coverage then please email Tina Davies, Marketing and Communications Assistant, on td@scpod.org.

Members Resourses

Using the media to promote podiatry

There is a downloadable template press release, which has been designed as a PR tool for generating interest and securing regional coverage for you and the College of Podiatry during Feet for Life month.

Download: Press release template

Press & Media Contacts

Louise Everett / Annette Neto
Ceres PR
01189 475956

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