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Feet For Life Month

The aim of the Feet For Life Campaign is to raise awareness amongst the general public that good foot health is an essential component to quality of life and podiatry is a key element of preventative medicine.

Foot health enhances quality of life by ensuring people stay independent and active for longer. These foot health services have undisputed cost-effective clinical benefits. Not receiving professional foot care can lead to increased levels of physical, mental and social problems for patients. Better managed foot health is essential, given the rise in the numbers suffering from diabetes and obesity, which leads to more complex and costly interventions on health and social services in the future.

This year’s Campaign

As international concern regarding obesity remains high, the College of Podiatry has made this the theme of Feet for Life Month for June 2014.

With obesity rising in the UK, the implications of obesity on general health are vast, and feet bear the brunt of weight in every stride. Feet for Life month in June aims to create awareness of the link between weight and feet. The impact of this is often unrecognised, and therefore the campaign over the summer will highlight how being overweight or obese puts people at a greater risk of developing serious conditions. It will also highlight how common foot problems are in people who are overweight or obese, affecting movement, and impacting on walking and exercise.

To highlight Feet for Life Month, a press release is available for the media on the importance of taking care of your feet and good footwear, together with top tips for looking after your feet.  Visit Feet And Weight webpage.

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Press Contacts

Tina Davies,
Press Office,
Email: td@scpod.org
Tel: 0845 450 3739

Clare Richards
Director of Marketing and Communications
Email: cr@scpod.org
Tel: 0845 450 3724